What is Window Tinting?

Window Tinting is the process of applying a thin film to the inside of vehicle windows to darken them.

Why should I darken my windows?

Window Tinting adds more privacy and stylish look on your vehicle. Your vehicle won't get as hot in the summer. Your skin gets protected from sun burns. The film holds the window together in an accident offering additional safety.

We use the Latest Technology

Traditional films have metal in them. Metal blocks cellphone signals. Because of this, at BC1, we use the latest technology. Our window tinting films are made of nano-ceramic particles which offers amazing appearence and clarity. Our films have no metals in them so they don't affect electromagnetic signal transmission (your phone signal won't be affected). Our darkest film allows only 5% of the light in rejecting 99% of the UV rays, 98% of the infrared heat and 64% of the total heat.

We have an Experienced Installer

We have an installer with more than 20 years of experience in installing window tinting films.

We Guarantee the following

- No Peeling
- No Bubbles
- No Cracking
- No Purple Color



• Nano-Ceramic Window Tinting Film installation

For this service, we need to know about your desires and your vehicle. That is why Price available only by quote for Window Tinting.

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