Paint Protection Film (PPF)


Xpel Protective FIlm is the ultimate protection from chips, scratches, stains, contaminants, tar, pollution, salt and “key-ed” for your vehicle.

Whats paint protection film (PPF)

Originally used by militaries on planes and helicopters, paint protection film is a virtually invisible urethane film that can be installed and protected your vehicle’s paint to guard against everything from air pollution to road grime, preserving your vehicle’s spotless state and maximizes for re-sale value. Xpel durable film that will resist staining and maintain a high-quality finish for years.

We are Xpel Headquarter Factory Trained Certified Installer.

Choose Your Protection Coverage

  • Partial front end
    • 18’-24’ up hood and fenders. Front bumper. Headlights and side mirrors
  • Full front end
    • Full hood and fenders. Front bumper. Headlights and side mirrors.
  • Full car
    • Every exposed painted surface.

Full front-end protection coverage is highly recommended, because the front bumper, hood, fender, and mirror are the most easily damaged area, especially driving on the freeway.

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