Ceramic Coating


We offer professional grade permanent ceramic coating.

Unlike most regular 9H coatings that are one dimensional, 9H-LDC Pro is dual-composite structure that consists of two layers, ultra-hard 9H bottom layer and super slick top layer. Due to its unique structure it delivers two most desirable effects, extreme hardness and extreme beading, in a single ceramic coating.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is composed of high-grade Quartz silica (ultra hard glass). Its nano ceramic particles from a permanent bond with clear coat and become a functional part of the vehicle’s body.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance scratch resistance against swirls and scratches
  • No additional wax required.
  • Protects from oxidation, salt water corrosion and fading
  • Enhance color depth and highly reflective shine
  • Extreme beading effect
  • Hard water etching, mineral stains are easily cleaned
  • Save time on car wash

Why Choose Us?

At BC1 Auto Detailing we aim satisfaction and protection. We evaluate/understand your situation and provide the right solution for your vehicle. We don’t sell unnecessary service to you and We will teach you how to maintain your vehicle.

  • Experienced. We have been using nano coating as know as ceramic coating since 2011
  • Honest & Reasonable Pricing. Our ceramic coating package includes paint correction.
  • Premium product. We’ve used more than 20 different brands in the last 9 years. We choose the best for you
  • Step by steps. We don’t cut concurs.
  • We love your car as same as you do.

How to Maintain Your Coated Vehicle?

The coated vehicle still needs a car wash and maintenance.

  • Regular wash is the key. Every 1-2 weeks recommended
  • Coating maintenance. Every 1-3 months or every 1000 km-5000 km
  • Do not brush wash. Ceramic coating is not scratch proof.
  • Make sure your or your car wash place use clean wash mitt and have the right method to wash coated car.
  • Ask us. We will teach you how to wash properly.
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