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Auto detailing is operations and procedures that keep the vehicle in its best appearance condition. This is achieved by polishing, interior detailing, headlight restoration, and paint correction.

At BC1 Auto Detailing, we have three different levels of service to choose from. Our popular package is a great way to improve inside and outside appearance of your vehicle at an affordable price.

Auto Detailing

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Exterior paint surface, headlights and taillights will be compound polished continuously by two (2) to three (3) stages paint correction process (removes medium to heavy paint imperfections/defects/orange peel such as scratches, swirl marks, bird drops, oxidation, water spots, holograms.) Up to 95% defects will be removed.

Paint Decontamination and Premium Carnauba Wax included.

What’s paint decontamination? What’s so important? Why we do it? Does your vehicle paint feel rough?

Our vehicle is constantly exposed to environment. There are many tiny elements in the air that our eyes can’t see. After days those pollutants, rail dust, tar, water spots, residues, salt, over-spray, bugs, and dirt will stay on your vehicle. That is why your paint does not feel smooth and glossy.

Paint correction without decontamination may cause more damages such as swirls and scratches, WHY? Because when you’re polishing, those elements will follow polish compound on top of your polishing pad, there’s a good chance of creating damage on the paint. This process may take enormous amount of time, many detail shops and dealerships would skip this process and straight to paint correction. At BC1 we do not cut corners.

Additional fee will be charge on extra work, black color, single color vehicle and special request.


We make fogged, yellowed, aged headlights look factory new again. You don’t have to spend hundred or thousand to replace a new headlight, but you can restore your headlights with us. Ceramic coating is included in this service.



It’s a courtesy to have a healthy environment in the cabin. Have the confidence to let passengers to sit it. We have three (3) different levels of service for interior detail. Our goal is to improve and maintain your cabin environment.

  • Express interior – vapor steam detail
  • Deluxe interior – vapor steam detail, shampoo wash
  • Premium interior – vapor steam detail, Shampoo Wash, leather detail & condition

All services including floor, upholstery, seats, windows and trunk detail.

Additional service fee will be charge on extra work, bad condition vehicle and special request by hourly

Premium Detailing Packages starting from $129.99


Are you looking for more privacy? more stylish on your vehicle? Window tint is your ideal choice, Heat Reduction, UV Protection, more privacy and stylish on your vehicle. Especially when you have baby in the back seat.

At BC1 Auto Detailing, we offer latest window tint film The Ceramic Window Tint (strongest heat rejection technology) and have over 20 years experienced professional installer. we offer specialized and customized window tinting services from regular UV protection 50% to super dark privacy wanted 5%.

No peel, No Bubble, No Crack, No Turn Purple Guarantee